The thoughts of visitors reaching Serra Ferdinandea for the first time are doubtlessly buffeted by many sensations. We feel we can state however that you cannot help being pervaded by a sense of quietness, peace, and the balance between people and the majesty of Nature’s landscape. Some people may even be catapulted back to Arcadian times, as we were.
When we saw Serra Ferdinandea, we made stewardship of this Arcadian balance our top priority, something between an instinctive act and an ethical imperative.
This is why all the choices in our project: agronomic, productive, pastoral, and even the organization labor and supplying energy and water resources, were oriented towards an operational directive: rigorous sustainability in the most authentic sense of the term.

In order to attain this goal transparently, the SOStain protocol has been applied from the very birth of Serra Ferdinandea. This model for sustainable viticulture adopted in Sicily has been known and appreciated for years. The protocol respects 10 fundamental requirements which range from growing grapes in the strictest sense and safeguarding biodiversity, to respecting energy consumption levels and using local materials.
But the Serra Ferdinandea site also further inspired us to approach viticulture management according to biodynamic criteria. The site imposed it on us. We are just starting down this path, but working in such an untouched part of the planet which may only have been modified over the centuries by the elements and the discreet presence of shepherding, led us to opt for maximum respect and minimal intervention. 
Turning the bitter vision of Sicily upside down is a classic approach that we have always attempted to follow: if we want everything to change, everything has to remain how it used to be. This is the solemn commitment of the Oddo and Planeta families, as they take over the stewardship of this untouched place, making it productive and keeping it in balance with Nature.