Serra Ferdinandea is a unique place where the energy of dreams flows before your eyes. This plot of wine country boasts rare beauty, with thickets and forests at between 400 and 450 meters of altitude. It is on the western edge of the Sicani Mountains, between Sciacca and Sambuca in Sicily.


The terrains are the result of crumbling calcareous stone that is still visible along the edges. These virgin lands have certainly not felt the plough in years; the microbial life and terrestrial organisms in the zone reached by the roots have never been disturbed. We disturbed them as little as possible while planting the vineyards.
The first 15 hectares (37 acres) have already been planted. They will grow to 40 hectares (almost 100 acres) by 2023.

GRILLO 1 Ha 2,22

SYRAH 1 HA 0,85 2 Ha 1,91 3 Ha 082

SAUVIGNON 1 Ha 3,10 2 Ha 1,98

NERO D’AVOLA 1 HA 1,30 2 Ha 0,63 3 Ha 0,92 4 Ha 1,40