Serra Ferdinandea is an area where the hillside landscape almost becomes mountainous, with an alternation of slopes, glades, and rocky ridges. In the local dialect these terrains are called serre or sierras.
Turning south-west, in the same direction as Pantelleria, you can glimpse the rim of the sea where the legendary Ferdinandea Island appeared.

Presaged by several eruptions and earthquakes, the island popped up in July 1831 from a chain of underwater volcanoes strung out along the Sicilian Strait. Noticed almost simultaneously by the French, English and Kingdom of Sicily’s navies, it was immediately the object of a lively territorial and diplomatic dispute, but in November of that same year it disappeared below the surface of the sea.
Insula in mari nata: this island born of the sea was the contention of nations but never belonged to any of them. It was a Utopia that occasionally contradicts its etymology and becomes a place
The name Serra Ferdinandea comes from this island. It expresses the physical characteristics of the place, as well as the metaphysical aspirations in this entrepreneurial challenge.